Extreme Supermoon 2011

On March 19 Supermoon reaches very close to earth. The Natural Satellite of our planet will be only 221.567 miles. Super satellites in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005 share was over the years and was in extreme weather conditions.

According to astrologers, Richard Nolle, this month's Extreme SuperMoon closer to the average. He said that the orbit of Earth or (most recently), its closest approach to months (90%) takes place near the new or full month (Sizigi). "In other words, Earth, Moon and Sun close to Earth in all its lines of approach is the Moon."

In this case, a higher high and low tide, and to a significant change in tide, the moon is the nearest to be attractive, there is a scientific fact. In addition, the solar gravitational tidal effects of the main axis of the Sun-Earth orbit and the moon is aligned with the orbital eccentricity vector increases. More precisely in whole or in months when new. We all know that the earth tide usages. The average tidal bulge more than one day close below the domes of the Earth rotation and tide are monitoring the orbit of the Moon. However, the rotational position of the following month, before the tidal bulge out of position. Torque produced in this ... At the time, but the above is close to the average month? As a geologist you, they will say. Asked an astronomer, and they almost all cataclysmic events that may be related to the stars of the earth will tell you. Asked me if I need you to know his opinion that to you. Even the American Society Meteorological said. "However, the global average temperature, temperature and other factors as well as transportation to these poles, harmonic beat changes in the tidal force may contribute to climate change that is proposed that the tidal forces, ocean currents to help."


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