India Vs Australia 2nd Quater Finals in Sardar Patel Stadium

ICC World cup 2011, On 24 march India Vs Australia in Motera. It’s a tough match between Indian and Australians. In this match either we lose the champions of past world cups or we welcome the new team to get a chance of winning the cup.

What is australia's batting is missing from this tournament is very high tent pole keep building. When shane watson and brad haddin do their job, but in another series of kame's odd, sometimes bravura performance - could not just tell australia porosity middle class started number three. Today, watson went to the timber and the goal is trying to work ashwin broom and tried to break ties, australia’s the best batsman with more experience to stand and be counted. Only anthony, a fruit joker news that australian cricket decide dismissed from captain ponting.

This series, ponting was run-and indian bowlers and other imported and australian batsmen eddied around him. He never comfortably - but equally, except for a brief period early in your turn, never was a time when she was vulnerable. What was he up to the grid by harbhajan singh, who had the wood on the australian captain, their first grid. Other end, brad haddin played a FOIL perfect.

When tendulkar hit the first two balls, four legitimate. Virender sehvag, shane watson was dismissed for just 15, but tendulkar and gambhir 50 points only 10 of the india. Gambhir and virat kohli played spinners so comfortable next partnership india sudden this started watching a little foolish australians, but they had a rise time of the next gifted wickets. Kohli, David hussey hit a knee high full launch on midwicket before gambhir was run by Iuvraj no answer called for quick as a third interruption of communication between the two batsmen.

Criticize, when mahindra dhoni back square cut Lee point, clark claimed a diving catch, India still needed 74 with victory, the 12.3 jump five wickets have. Yuvraj rose half a century in only 54 balls. What was possible run a thin end into a feeling of minutes for a house full of Motero, opening batsmen both shoulders and break the ball in the park. Maybe a shot that reflects their attitude and australians helplessness against sudden attack against the 46th-come on. Lee, bowling around the transplant, speared down the rapid delivery of extra length, Raina crushes the ball over, and effort on the fence long. As the ball sailed out of the beat we have seen time, Lee stood on his follow through, see Raina in disbelief, and bowed his head. Are 16 more water is needed after six, but as long as the game was concerned that the film is effectively over. Finally India won the match by 5 wickets.


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