On Page Optimization in SEO

Search Engine Optimization process to improve the visibility of the search listings. This refers to the list of marketing tools to build a site in order to improve the classification of the results pages of search engines and directories. There are two types of SEO, from that we will discuss on On Page Optimization.

On page optimization methods in which the pages get high rankings on search engines such as Yahoo, Google and other factors MCN pages are relevant to the content and structure of the site.

Some of the important element of On Page Optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the practice to find keywords and phrases that people use online searches in the development and implementation of key words appropriate for your site.
Let’s we fix if your site is related to health niche. You need to pick health care as general. If your site is specifically related to some topic, then you have to choose a keyword which suits your webpage’s. After taking the list of keywords for your webpage’s. You can use Google keyword tool to know how much people’s are searching for your keywords with search volume.

Meta Work’s for the site

Meta work includes title for the webpage’s, description, Meta keywords.Title is what appears in the top browser window containing a summary page. This section is very important because search engines use to determine the topic and place context. Other reason keywords make user friendly, only with keywords and create a comfortable, because title appears in the search engines to display your site's search results.

Meta description is described in a brief excerpt page Meta content, you can use this information to search engines while displaying the search results. In case, if you do not provide any meta-description, a search engine automatically takes any sentence from the web page. This will showed as a result in search engine. Meta keywords plays similar role like Meta description in search engine.

Content Plays Major Role

Search engines will return the issue of demand perceived order of relevance to the search query is being sought. Which can be seen, your site is relevant to ask the applicant shall appear in the index results? This is the reason, which is associated with more than a repetition of the phrase is often a huge change. For we can not have traffic, many of them are never satisfied. All content, but the bad before it will contain the kind of phrases by keywords that appear. This repetition of words and phrases to entice that the intention of the search engines. True SEO-friendly content with a rich man, not just keywords phrases, although it is easy to read and offer average Internet users. Moreover, walk the line search engines and it is important to make sure that the words appear more frequently, but, naturally, in the text. For every 400 words, it's a good idea to include key phrases, all of the keywords at least twice. SEO-friendly content to be brave, so that the chapter headings and tail the same words I do. Highlight the important subheadings and points in the content. It will be easy for bots to crawl the site.


In On-Page optimization there are two essential factors that must be remembered, what to do better for you, optimize your posts and pages with links to the most important sentences are well distributed through out the internet. Internal linking allows users to navigate to other areas of the webpage’s. Internal linking plays an important role in the site rankings with proper anchor text, keywords if it relevant to the content. While Linking to other sites on your site be careful on using URL with correct for your site.

There are more things to discuss in On-Page optimization. I will continue the other aspects in my next post.


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