Radiation Fear After Blast In Japan

There were two explosions in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.
The radiation is transmitted from the damaged reactor of the crippled power plant tsunami devastated northeastern Japan, a dramatic escalation of 4-day-old disaster. Radiation levels around the Fukushima No. 1 plant are now dangerous to human health. Levels radiation in the Japan - 250km (155 miles) away - were reported to be higher.

The prime minister warned residents to stay indoors or radiological disease risk.
Dangerous radiation escape from nuclear power plants from the Japanese forced 140,000 people in inner seal on Tuesday, after an explosion and fire raised more than 4-day-old crisis has created a deadly tsunami.

Japanese authorities say, only low levels of radiation detected outside the area. International Atomic Energy Agency described it as the fourth-level meeting on the international nuclear and Events Scale (INES), used in emergency situations, local effects No abnormal radiation detected in Russia. Radio isotopes. Iodine and cesium, radioactive material for about two escaped.

Radioactive iodine can be harmful to young people who live nearby. People immediately issue iodine tablets should be safe. Radiocaesium, uranium and plutonium are dangerous, but do not focus on the organ. Radioactive nitrogen located within seconds of their release and the argon is not a risk to health. So, to be sure please do not leave, stay home and close the windows and make your home airtight.


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